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Who We Are

Physician Moms Group was founded in November 2014 by Dr. Hala Sabry in an effort to bring together women physicians, who are also parents, so that they can collaborate and support each other while sharing their medical expertise in an open forum

As medical professionals and moms, we are constantly juggling career and family. The PMG mission is to provide resources, a platform to network, and an opportunity to share information with like-minded individuals. The PMG network includes over 71,000 women physicians of all specialties. Our membership spans the globe and is composed of physicians who graduated from medical school (MD/DO/MBBS).

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Meet the Founder

Hala Sabry D.O., M.B.A, has over four years of experience in the field of Emergency Medicine. Currently, she works for the California emergency Physicians of America, which is located in Southern California.

In November of 2014, Hala founded PMG in an effort to create a platform where other women physicians, who are also actively raising families, can share information, exchange expertise, and provide resources in a collaborative fashion.

Hala earned her degree from the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2007. She is also the mother to five children: ages 5, twins who are 3 years old, and new born twins who are 1 month old. After struggling with infertility for five years, she is grateful to have been able to have her children via in-vitro fertilization (IVF), as they have been her motivation for finding a good work life balance, which ultimately inspired the creation of PMG.


Happy moms everywhere

It's really validating to have a community of physician moms who understand the same struggles. I have never completely fit in with the other parents at my kids' schools. And even in my own practice I'm the only physician married to another physician.

@Amanda Jones, MD
Abington, PA

Being a member of PMG has helped me to feel bonded to other mom-docs out there

@Caroline Chang, MD
Rhode Island

Practicing in the small town I live in makes it near to impossible for me to let my guard down and feel human. PMG has been such an amazing support group where I know I can go at the end of the day to rant or ask clinical questions or most importantly get the support we all deserve for balancing being mommies and doctors.

@Su-Anne Hammond, MD
Family Practice

PMG has helped me realize that I am not alone. in this daily struggle of being a mom, doctor, friend, wife, woman, and caregiver. It has given me hope that I can make small changes to make me happier, more content, and more at peace with who I am and what I can be. It has also helped to put things in perspective and realize that we can all enjoy and benefit from the mundane wonder of new beauty products or clothes while tackling the heartbreaking personal discussions of death, dying, cancer, rape, divorce, etc.. PMG is my therapy.

@Susannah Mason, MD
Internal Medicine Hospitalist
Orange County, CA

My favorite thing about PMG is that there is no judgement. It's finally a group of mommas who love, listen, advise, share knowledge, share experiences & support each other through this complicated web of motherhood and medicine.

@Sarah Shelton, MD
Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Oklahoma City, OK

PMG has created a fellowship of wonderful, caring, intelligent and compassionate warrior women mommies that also happen to be physicians. The daily support and sharing reminds me that I am not alone either in my physician life or mommy life. Not only are there answers and experience at my fingertips about pretty much EVERYTHING, but there are almost 15,000 mommies that are the best cheering section I have ever seen. I needed this group with my first baby...and I cannot wait to share with my new sisters the pictures, questions, and stories about my upcoming second!

@Lauren Tarbox, MD
San Antonio, TX

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As a member of PMG, you would join a growing community of physician moms that spans the globe. Today, our 70,000+ members can be found from North and South America to Europe, Asia Africa and Australia.